Francine Lecoultre

Francine Lecoultre is a mixed media artist: painter, sculptor, and print maker.

Born in the French speaking Switzerland, she graduated in Art Education at the University of Bern, and received her diploma in Costume Design from the Advanced Program of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

Lecoultre's creations are often inspired by travels, disclosing the wonder of nature in it’s unlimited magic, with both simplicity and clarity. They have a textured, organic, and tactile quality with multiple layers. Francine favors techniques built in superposition with care and precision, such as silk screening, molding, printmaking and paper art. Her interest in process and patina is evident in her collection of prints and sculptural pieces. She goes near obsessive lengths to recreate the effects of time and wear in the unique pieces and art commissions she has created around the world.

Living in Los Angeles since 1993, Francine has been involved in numerous top film productions as a Costume Designer and textile artist. In her latest Exhibitions, she has presented her Installations: “Sculptural Pieces”. Her corsets are handcrafted from Paper Art, much like papyrus was fashioned by ancient Egyptians, utilizing plants harvested in both California and Switzerland. Francine’s corsets are the symbol for the respect of nature, health and food for the next generations. May we protect them.

2015 Exhibitions

  • The Loft at Liz’s: The Nature Show “Palate to Palette.”
  • FIDM Museum Shop: Installation and Video presentation: “Corsets” at the occasion of the “9th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design.”
  • Barbara’s - The Brewery Art’s Complex: “Coda: Chrome,” Installation Performance, a Collaboration with Abigail Gruminger and Peter Holmes. Show curated by Tamar Halpern.
  • Brewery Art Walk: “Open Studio” – Spring & Fall
  • LongArt Gallery: “Recent Paintings” – Shanghai, China