Emily Halpern
Emily Halpern was raised on Canada’s wide open praries in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her varied life experiences include studying Criminology, playing professional basketball in Europe and Australia and being an avid traveler. She attained a BFA from Pratt Institute in NYC and an MFA from SDSU in San Diego.
Artist's Statement
I am an oil painter and paint primarily on square linen canvases. My paintings can be described as somewhere between symbol and metaphor. I use abstracted representational imagery as a conduit between myself and what C.G. Jung described as the unconscious.  My process begins with the Surrealists' techniques of free association and automatic writing. Recurring symbols such as floating rocks, airplanes, birds and fish reappear in obscured narratives and serve to guide my palette.
My intent is to integrate the physicality of the paint with the content of my work and to invite viewers to be co-conspirators in the story.