BD Miller

Over the past two decades Brad Miller has built a reputation for his dynamic conceptual images of such music industry luminaries as Marilyn Manson, Brian Wilson, Dead Can Dance, and Radiohead. More recently however he has turned his focus to creating photographic images purely of his own imagination. 

A bearded woman is groomed by a bald girl, an armless beauty smiles seductively as she writes with her feet, half-girls, fat ladies, contortionists, and little people, this is the curious world of BD Miller’s photography. It is a world somewhat familiar to those who know and love circus sideshow but it is not a sideshow that exists in any circus here on Earth. “These images are not a literal documentation of sideshow. The disparity between what the circus banner promises and what is actually seen inside the tent is often a disappointment. These photographs are of the circus that lives in ones imagination in those moments of anticipation. They are the dreams, nightmares, and fantasies inspired by those broken promises” 
It is important to know his photographs were not created nor manipulated digitally, nor are they the product of camera or darkroom trickery. Everything in the photographs existed, as you see it, if only for a second. Like the sideshow itself, actual prodigies are exhibited next to illusionary gaffs. It is left to the viewer to consider and decide what they have seen.